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This asset helps developers convert their single-player VR projects into Multiplayer VR experiences by providing a simple template project using Photon PUN 2 asset as a Multiplayer solution.


This asset is a Multiplayer VR template that uses Photon- PUN 2 FREE for Multiplayer, Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit for VR functionality, and 2 different half-body VR Avatars for its VR Avatar system.

You can use this asset to create your own Multiplayer Social VR experiences or implement Multiplayer VR into your existing project. It includes the necessary systems for Multiplayer VR such that:

  • -Login with Playername
  • -VR Keyboard
  • -VR Full Body
  • -Avatar Customization System with UMA 2
  • -Creating and joining Virtual Rooms by map type
  • -Two different environments: Outdoor and School
  • -Full Multiplayer VR Synchronization (Full VR Body Synch)
  • -VR Player Movement Synchronization including Teleportation
  • -Networked Grabbing
  • -Easy Voice Chat Implementation ( Photon Voice 2)
  • -Editor Scripts for easy Multiplayer testing
  • -Create Private Rooms with room names as password

Key Scripts

  • -MultiplayerVRPlayerSynchronization script
  • -NetworkedGrabbing script
  • -RoomManager script
  • -SpawnManager script
  • -MultiplayerTesting script
  • -PlayerNetworkSetup script
  • -Login Manager script

Final IK

Now, the Full body VR system is powered by Final IK. It is much more realistic than the free one that comes within the asset. Final IK is the best Full body VR solution out there. So, this asset has now a better full-body VR system. A locomotion switch system is added on top of the Final IK’s procedural leg animation system. So, when the player moves with the controller joystick, a walking animation is played. But with small movements, we rely on Final IK. Improvement on the grabbing system with 2 hands grabbing is coming with the next update. Stay tuned!


On top of Final IK, we have UMA 2 integration allowing you easily create customizable, high-quality VR Avatars. With this integration, you also have the opportunity to use the massive community-driven UMA 2 assets within your Multiplayer VR project.

Firstly, you will need to connect to the server anonymously or with your player’s name. Then, the Home Scene will be loaded where you can see yourself in the mirror and customize your VR Avatar which is saved locally. After that, you can search for open rooms with the Open Worlds UI panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see different rooms with different maps as well as how many people are currently in them. Also, you can create your own private rooms with different maps.

In this asset, there are two default environments: Outdoor and School. After joining rooms, you will be able to see and talk with other remote players no matter where they are located thanks to Photon’s servers all around the world. And your unique VR Avatar selection data will be synced across the network.

Unity XR Interaction Toolkit is used for VR so it should work with SteamVR and Oculus Rift via Oculus Link. However, the asset is tested only with Oculus Quest and is optimized for Oculus Quest.

This asset requires Photon- PUN 2 FREE assets. If you want the full-body VR System, you need to have the Final IK asset.

Also, this asset uses VR Keys under MIT Licence; see the Third-Party Notices.pdf file in the package for details.

As IRONHEAD Games, we want to grow XR Industry by providing tools and educational content. As always, More XR Developers = More Awesome XR Experiences. We also believe that Multiplayer Virtual Reality Development is really important in connecting people in a new, innovative way. Besides, Single Player VR experiences are really isolated experiences, and Multiplayer integration can make things more fun!

example of this vr asset

When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “Multiplayer VR Template

Nulled Multiplayer VR Template

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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