How to download Stylized Fantasy Skeleton Reaper model for unity

Stylized Fantasy Skeleton Reaper 3D Model

Stylized Skeleton Reaper RPG character with customization options

How to download Stylized Fantasy Skeleton Reaper model for unity


Here we have the first addition to our 3D model Collection. If you are a fan of stylized models then you are going to love this Stylized Skeleton Reaper! Perfect as an enemy or boss character or if you want to live on the edge why not a main character? The choice is yours. There are various color materials added to this file to allow complete customizations. 

So, what’s included with this free unity 3D download


Custom Stylized skeleton 3d Model RPG


Luckily with this package a lot is included and the creator has provided a wide range of customisation options in order to suite the needs for your next game. You can find the full list below:

12 Hand painted Diffuse Maps
6 Hand painted Specular Maps
4 Normal maps
1 Emissive map

You also have the option to choose different styles, these styles are named below:

Holy Skeleton Reaper
Dark Skeleton Reaper
Crimson Skeleton Reaper

Oh and most importantly the character comes already rigged and animated! Avoid all the hassle.

The Technical Information in regards to this 3D model can be found below:


  • Number of Prefabs: 6(3 with PC shader & 3 with Mobile shader)
  • Vertex Count: 9,842
  • Triangle Count: 15,142
  • Number of Textures: 23
  • Texture Resolutions: 2048×2048
  • Number of Materials: 24 (12 PC shaders & 12 Mobile shaders)
  • Number of Animations: 15

Complete Animation List:


Idle, Idle01, Idle Land, ToLand, ToFly, Walk ,Run, Attack, Attack01, Attack02, Hit, Stun, SpellA, SpellB and Death. This gives you plenty of options with your Skeletal Reaper 3D Model. Great for those learning the basics when implementing 3D models into their game.


Excited? Well if you are interested in downloading the Stylized Fantasy Skeleton Reaper 3D Model then Check out our link below! Enjoy and as always show us your game creation progress we love seeing new content from our hard working users.



Stylized Fantasy Skeleton Reaper 3D model full download

Nulled Stylized Skeleton Reaper

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Download free unity skeleton rpg models



Note: Please note these files are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Feel free to test them out as intended.

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