Free Download Fighter Animation Pack

Fighter Animation Pack: Unleash Dynamic Combat in Your Game! [Free Download]

free download Fighter Animation Pack

Elevate your game’s combat experience with the Fighter Animation Pack, offering a comprehensive set of essential animations tailored for characters with a fighter combat style. Ideal for action RPG games, this pack is designed to enhance your character’s movements and actions seamlessly.

Render Pipeline Compatibility:

  • Built-in: ✅ Compatible
  • URP: ✅ Compatible
  • HDRP: ✅ Compatible

Unity Version Compatibility:

  • Unity 2021.3.23f1: ✅ Compatible

All About The Fighter Animation Pack

This animation pack is a must-have for any character in need of a fighter combat style. Perfectly suited for action RPG games, it provides a range of animations to bring your character to life.

Animation List:

  • Idle 4
  • Idle [normal/combat]
  • Walk
  • Walk 8 ways RM/IP [normal/combat/block]
  • Run
  • Run 8 ways RM/IP
  • 1 Run speed RM/IP
  • Jump
  • Jump 4 ways
  • Double Jump
  • Dodge
  • Dodge 4 ways
  • Dodge Air 4 ways
  • Roll
  • Roll 8 ways
  • Hit
  • Block
  • Hit 4 ways
  • Knock down
  • Hit air
  • Hit heavy air
  • Parry counter
  • Attack
  • 6 Normal attacks
  • 2 Run attacks
  • 4 Attacks combo
  • 1 Attack combo air
  • 3 Attack Air to Floor
  • 2 Air attack up
  • 3 Attack Execution/ Target Execution

Technical Details

  • Features: Handcrafted, 60FPS
  • Number of Animations: 310
  • Animation Types: (Root Motion/In-place)

Related Keywords:
fighter, combat, 60fps, Action, boxing, action RPG, melee, Fantasy, RPG

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your game’s combat dynamics. Download the Fighter Animation Pack now and witness your characters come to life with stunning and fluid animations.

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Nulled Fighter Animation Pack

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