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Revolutionize Animation Editing with Procedural Motion and Advanced Tweaking Tools

Unlock the true potential of your Unity animations with Animation Designer, an innovative tool designed for artists and animators seeking unparalleled control and creativity. This editor tool transcends traditional animation limitations, allowing you to upgrade and tweak existing clips with ease. Say goodbye to tedious keyframe adjustments and embrace a new era of animation refinement.

Key Features of This Unity Tool

1. Procedural Motion Enhancement:

  • Upgrade animation clips effortlessly with additional procedural motion.
  • Tweak animation clip poses using sliders and the curve window, eliminating the need for manual keyframe manipulation.

2. Versatility with Bone Modifiers:

  • Modify animation clips using bone-specific adjustments.
  • Correct limbs, adjust arms and legs, and enhance overall animation quality.

3. Humanoid and Generic Rig Support:

  • Seamlessly integrate with humanoid, generic, and legacy rigs.
  • Export generic and legacy clips from humanoid rigs effortlessly.

4. Intuitive GUI and Focus Mode:

  • Carefully designed window layout for a focused and distraction-free editing experience.
  • Switch to focus mode to streamline the interface, concentrating on essential sliders and values.

5. Preset System for Efficient Workflows:

  • Store animation modifier settings inside presets for multiple animation clips.
  • Maintain original animations intact and save modified versions as separate AnimationClip files.

6. Custom Animation Modules:

  • Introducing Custom Modules for applying unique procedural animation algorithms.
  • Modules include support for humanoid fists, fingers, arms, spine, head, legs posing, and a “Strafe Creator” module for 8-directional movement.

7. IK Analyze Algorithms:

  • Advanced IK analyze algorithms for adding realism to walk/run animations.
  • Correct Unity Humanoid animation retargeting errors within the editor.

8. Universal Compatibility:

  • Works seamlessly with all Scriptable Render Pipelines (SRPs).
  • Compatibility with Built-In, LWRP, URP, HDRP, and Custom RP.

Ease of Use

1. No Playmode Required:

  • Animation Designer is an editor tool; no playmode required for its functionality.
  • Utilize the tool without interrupting your workflow.

2. No Additional CPU/GPU Weight:

  • Generates new Animation Clips without adding CPU/GPU weight.
  • Ideal for VR, mobile, and diverse platforms.

3. Time-Saving Animation Tweaks:

  • Prepare base animations quickly, allowing procedural motion algorithms to handle the heavy lifting.
  • Ideal for adjusting Unity Humanoid animation retargeting errors.

Community and Support

  • Engage with the Animation Designer community forum thread and user manual for guidance.
  • Join the dedicated Discord channel for prompt support and discussions.

Get Ready to Redefine Animation Editing with Animation Designer!

Note: Before Downloading, ensure that Animation Designer fits your specific needs and is compatible with your existing models and animations.

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Nulled Animation Designer

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