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POLYGON MINI Fantasy Pack Free Download


Polygon mini’s! miniature versions of the popular Polygon Fantasy


create yur own mini worlds with this asset pack


Polygon Mini Fantasy Pack is A low poly asset pack of hexagonal tiles, cube tiles, buildings, props, and environment assets to create a hex or cube game in a Western, Viking, Knights, Adventure, Samurai or Pirates theme. Modular tiles are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. Includes multiple demo scenes. 306 unique assets with x6 alternative texture colours (5 Team colours).

Background Assets

  • Desert x3
  • Ice x3
  • Mountains x3
  • Volcanic x3


Building Assets

  • Adventure House x2
  • Adventure Hut x1
  • Adventure Tower x1
  • Adventure Wall x1
  • Dungeon Crypt x1
  • Knights Castle x7
  • Knights Castle Flag x2
  • Knights Church x1
  • Knights House x4
  • Knights Tent x2
  • Pirates Fountain x1
  • Pirates House x3
  • Pirate Fort x4
  • Pirate Mansion x1
  • Pirate Shack x2
  • Pirate Tower x1
  • Samurai Arch x1
  • Samurai House x2
  • Samurai Temple x2
  • Viking Dock x2
  • Viking House x3
  • Viking Hut x2
  • Viking Tower x1
  • Western Building x2
  • Western Church x1
  • Western Water Tower x1
  • Western Windmill x1


Environment Assets

  • Dirt Piles x4
  • Dungeon Bones x1
  • Dungeon Crystal x2
  • Dungeon Mushroom x2
  • Dungeon Rocks x2
  • Dungeon Skull x1
  • Generic Barrel x1
  • Generic Bush x4
  • Generic Cliffs x5
  • Generic Cloud x7
  • Generic Dead Tree x1
  • Generic Grass Blob x2
  • Generic River Stone x2
  • Generic Rock x8
  • Generic Tree stump x1
  • Generic Tree x11
  • Generic Tree Birch x1
  • Grass x1
  • Lilly x2
  • Pirate Palm x3
  • Pirate Skull Rock x1
  • Reed x1
  • Samurai Bamboo x1
  • Samurai Crops x1
  • Samurai Mountain x1
  • Samurai Tree x1
  • Viking Iceberg x3
  • Western Butte x3
  • Western Cactus x3
  • Western Rock x2


Prop Assets

  • Adventure Well x1
  • Adventure Cover x1
  • Generic Bridge x2
  • Generic Camp Fire x1
  • Generic Crate x1
  • Knights Wagon x1
  • Pirates Ladder x1
  • Pirate Boat x2
  • Pirate Cannon x1
  • Samurai Fence x1
  • Samurai Gong x1
  • Samurai Shrine x2
  • Stairs Stone x3
  • Stairs Wood x3
  • Treasure Chest Closed x2
  • Treasure Chest Open x2
  • Viking Boat x1
  • Viking Fence x1
  • Viking Shield x4
  • Western Fence x1
  • Western Town Arch x1


Tile Assets

  • Cube Column x1
  • Cube Flat x3
  • Cube Flat Water x2
  • Cube Floating Island x1
  • Cube Floating Island Water x1
  • Cube Forest x1
  • Cube Grass Skirt x1
  • Cube Hill x8
  • Cube Island x3
  • Cube Mountain x4
  • Cube Path x4
  • Cube Platform x1
  • Cube Pond x4
  • Cube Waterfall x1
  • Cube Water x3
  • Hex Column Water x3
  • Hex Column x2
  • Hex Flat x5
  • Hex Flat Water x2
  • Hex Floating Island x1
  • Hex Floating Island Water x1
  • Hex Forest x1
  • Hex Grass Skirt x1
  • Hex Hill x9
  • Hex Island x3
  • Hex Mountain x5
  • Hex Path x12
  • Hex Pond x13
  • Hex Rock Platform x1
  • Hex Waterfall x1

UI Assets


Breakdown of the UI assets contained within this asset pack.

  • Coin x2
  • Cube Selection x1
  • Hex Selection x1
  • Icon Skull x1
  • Level Path x3
  • Level x2
  • Location Marker x4
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Star x2



  • Works in Unity 2017.4 and above
  • Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
  • Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)


contents of this fantasy asset pack


Technical Information


License agreement: Standard Unity Asset Store EULA
License type: Restricted Single Entity
File size: 7.6 MB
Latest version: 1.2
Latest release date: Nov 19, 2020
Supported Unity versions: 5.6.0 or higher



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We do hope you have some fun with the POLYGON Mini Fantasy Pack unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!


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