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Become a Pokémon Trainer in the Real World With Pokémon Go

Hey there, future Pokémon Master! We’ve got a super cool adventure for you. It’s called Pokémon GO, and it’s all about exploring the world around you to find and catch Pokémon. Here’s what you need to know:

The Great Pokémon Hunt

First things first, get off the couch and step outside! You’ll need to explore your neighborhood, town, and even other places around the world to catch Pokémon. As you walk around in the real world, your smartphone will give a little buzz to let you know a Pokémon is nearby.

But wait, safety first! Don’t play Pokémon GO while you’re riding a bike, driving a car, or using anything that needs your full attention. And always stick with your parents or your group when you’re on the hunt.

The Map Is Your Guide

Imagine your smartphone is your secret map to a world full of Pokémon. It’s actually based on real streets and places. The map is like your treasure map, and it’s got lots of helpful stuff on it. You’ll always be in the center of the map.

Use it to find cool places like PokéStops, Gyms, and nearby Pokémon. PokéStops are usually at interesting spots like art installations or cool places to visit.

Discovering Pokémon Hangouts

Keep an eye out for glowing areas called habitats on your map. They show you where you might find Pokémon. While they don’t guarantee you’ll find one, your chances are super high! Pokémon really love places like parks and recreational areas, so that’s where you should be looking. Explore as many habitats as you can to catch lots of different Pokémon.

So, gear up, get outside, and start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer in the real world. The Pokémon are out there waiting for you to find them. Have fun and stay safe!

Pokemon GO Cheats

pokemon go tips cheats and tricks

Here is a full breakdown of cheats for this android game.

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Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

Looking for tips and tricks for the hit game Jump Assemble? Then why not follow our tips and tricks below.

Mastering Pokémon GO: Pro Tips for the Best Trainer Experience

Are you ready to become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer? We’ve got some expert tips to help you catch ’em all. Here’s your guide:

Tip 1: Perfect That PokéBall Throw

Don’t fret about weaker Pokémon. Instead, focus on your PokéBall throwing skills. See that colored ring when you’re about to throw? Tap and hold, and watch it shrink. Release when it’s almost gone for the perfect throw. Mastering this means easier catches. If the ring is red or orange, the Pokémon’s feisty – use berries to calm them down!

Tip 2: Explore the Unexplored

Finding new Pokémon? It’s all about exploring uncharted territories. Don’t just stick to popular spots. Keep your eyes peeled everywhere. Oh, and keep your phone juiced with a portable charger, you’ll need it for those long adventures.

Tip 3: Stock Up at PokéStops

To stock up on essentials like PokéBalls, you need to hit PokéStops. These are usually near landmarks like statues and parks. Look for blue cubes on your map, then tap to get freebies. They’re important, so visit as many as you can! While you’re at it, take a walk in the park, you might bump into some new Pokémon friends.

Tip 4: Tracking Pokémon Like a Pro

Ever noticed the footprints below Pokémon on your radar? One footprint means they’re close, three means they’re far. Get moving and keep an eye on the rustling grass in your map – it’s a sign Pokémon are nearby. If the footprints decrease, you’re getting warmer!

Tip 5: Pokémon Shape Recognition

If you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer, you’re probably an expert at recognizing them just by their shape. If not, check out Pokedream’s list of the first 151 Pokémon. It’s like a cheat sheet for your journey. Know what you want, catch what you see.

Tip 6: Capture to Evolve

Certain Pokémon can evolve if they’re strong enough. To make this happen, catch duplicates. For example, if you have two Bulbasaurs, trade one to Professor Willow. In exchange, you’ll get a candy specific to that Pokémon, which they need to evolve.

Tip 7: Battle with Strong Pokémon

Combat Power (CP) is your Pokémon’s strength rating. Higher is better. When trading Pokémon to Professor Willow, check their CP. Keep the Pokémon with the highest CP for battles.

Tip 8: Daily Check-In Rewards

Open the store, tap the blue button at the top, and collect free PokéBalls and incense. You can do this once a day, so don’t forget. This keeps you stocked up with essential items. Check in daily and stay ahead in the game!

There you have it, your pro guide to becoming a Pokémon GO legend. Get out there and start your adventure today!

Tips for Finding and Catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO

  1. Start Your Journey Away from Home: When you begin playing Pokémon GO, consider starting the game far from your home or workplace. The farther you are from your initial location, the more likely you are to encounter various Pokémon species.
  2. Explore Different Environments: The types of Pokémon you find can depend on your surroundings. You’re more likely to discover Water-type Pokémon near water bodies and Grass-type Pokémon near grassy areas. Different areas offer different Pokémon experiences, so explore various landscapes.
  3. Location Matters: Population and location matter when it comes to finding Pokémon. Different areas, such as cities, suburbs, and rural settings, offer unique Pokémon encounters. Try exploring urban centers, shopping malls, and parks for diverse Pokémon.
  4. Time of Day: Pokémon GO has a day-night cycle that affects the types of Pokémon you’ll encounter. Nocturnal Pokémon come out at night, while diurnal Pokémon are active during the day. Plan your adventures according to the time of day to catch different species.
  5. Utilize Incense and Lure Modules: Use Incense and Lure Modules to attract Pokémon to your location or a nearby Pokéstop. These items last for half an hour, so make sure you have enough time to catch Pokémon once you activate them.
  6. Lured Pokéstops: In busy areas, you might find Pokéstops with lures already set by other players. These lured Pokéstops attract more Pokémon, making them a great place for encounters.
  7. Prepare for Trading: In a future update, Pokémon GO will introduce trading. Use this feature to trade Pokémon you have duplicates of for ones you’re missing. Drop lures in crowded areas to draw more players for potential trades.
  8. Stock up on Poké Balls: As you level up, you’ll encounter rarer Pokémon. Ensure you have a good supply of Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls to capture these unique creatures.
  9. Use Razz Berries: When you find a challenging Pokémon to catch, use a Razz Berry to make it easier to capture. This is especially useful when facing high-level or stubborn Pokémon.
  10. Make Room for New Pokémon: Transfer common Pokémon like Pidgeys and Rattatas to Professor Willow to free up space for rarer ones. Additionally, this grants you candies that are essential for evolving and improving your Pokémon.
  11. Check the “Nearby” Menu: Pay attention to the “Nearby” menu to track Pokémon. The number of pawprints indicates how close a Pokémon is: three pawprints mean it’s close, two is closer, and one means it’s very close. Tapping on the Pokémon summons it.

These tips will help you explore, find, and catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Enjoy your adventure!

Pokemon GO Tools and Online Generators

pokemon go

Struggling to Pokemon go or are stuck and in need of resources. Then why not check out our list of tools and online generators. These are designed to help you obtain resources in game.

You Can Download Our Genrator Tool Below Please note you will need a rooted android device.

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Pokémon GO APK File Download

If you need an APK file for this android game then you can visit our 3rd party site below

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Key Information About This Android Game

  • Developer: Niantic Labs
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Jul 5, 2016
  • Platform: Android
  • ESRB: Not Set

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