Free Download Huge Playground Post Apocalyptic

Free Download Huge Playground Post Apocalyptic

Unlock the potential of your unique game vision with Huge Playground: Post-Apocalyptic, a comprehensive package offering more than just prefab assets. Immerse yourself in a vast 3 km² demo map filled with meticulous details, meticulously optimized for immediate use and crafted to inspire your creativity.

Render Pipeline Compatibility:

  • Unity Version 2023.1.15f1
  • Built-in: Not compatible
  • URP: Compatible
  • HDRP: Not compatible
  • Unity Version 2022.3.10f1
  • Built-in: Not compatible
  • URP: Compatible
  • HDRP: Not compatible
  • Unity Version 2021.3.30f1
  • Built-in: Not compatible
  • URP: Compatible
  • HDRP: Not compatible

What You Get:

  • Huge 3 km² Demo Map: Meticulously optimized for immediate use and designed to spark your creativity.
  • Over 700 Ready-to-Use Prefabs: Explore a diverse collection of assets, including 25+ buildings, furniture, fences, debris, and more.
  • Bonus Features Included: Scripts for road creation, procedural fences, electricity pole wires, and optimization to streamline your game development.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: From setup and lighting to terrain design, road creation, vegetation, and post-processing effects, the documentation empowers you to craft your game world.

Demo Experience:

  • Keybindings: Move (E S D F), Run (Shift), Jump (Spacebar), Crouch (C), Sun Ambiance (U), Quit (Esc).

Minimum Unity Version:

  • Unity 2021: Unity 2021.3.30f1 or higher (LTS)
  • Unity 2022: Unity 2022.3.10f1 or higher (LTS)
  • Unity 2023: Unity 2023.1.15f1 or higher

Technical Details:

  • This asset is designed for use with Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP).
  • Not designed for mobile platforms.
  • To optimize the 3 km² demo map, we recommend a system with at least 16 GB of RAM (Tests conducted on Intel Core i7-9700K CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB).
  • Music featured in the demo is not included in the asset.

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Embark on your post-apocalyptic journey now. Download Huge Playground: Post-Apocalyptic and breathe life into your game vision.

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Nulled Huge Playground Post Apocalyptic

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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