We Provide Free Game Assets for Aspiring Game Designers

Want to learn how to make games using the unity game engine? Well you have come to the right place. We provide people with free unity game assets to help them create the game they would like to.

If you a struggling to get the perfect asset for your latest game idea then let us help you obtain it. Creating your own game should not be expensive.

Get to know the team at Get Free Unity Assets

Here at Get Free Unity Assets our main aim is to help new games designers on their journey to becoming a fully fledged game creator working on new big future projects. Our specialization is for assets and tools on the Unity game engine. So if you are an aspiring game artist and need some of the tools that you can’t get hold of just yet, well we are here for you.


John has been making games using unity for the past decade. With his knowledge we are able to source the correct assets for our users.


This is our website writer and designer. He turns all of our hard work into a readable format.


Mary is in charge of our customer relations and any queries our users may have.

Please note all the tools and assets found on our website are to be used on a non commercial basis. If you want to use the assets commercially you will need to purchase them and ensure you have permission to use the assets commercially.

In order for our website to stay active we need to monetize our hard work. As part of our terms of use you will need to pass a verification process when downloading our files. These files are hosted on a separate server than our website. Once you have passed verification you will have access to the file for 24 hours. If you have had any issue downloading or install our files then please do get in touch.

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